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We’ve MOVED! (So, this WordPress site is no longer actively monitored.)

Please see our main site: Center for Physician Rights: https://www.PhysicianRights.net

And Our BLOG is now hosted as Physician Interrupted on the Substack platform. https://physicianinterrupted.substack.com

The Center for Physician Rights is devoted to helping physicians and other healthcare providers who have come under the scrutiny of their state medical licensing board, PHP (Physician Health Program) or hospital peer review committee’s jurisdiction become fully knowledgeable about the processes and pitfalls.

We do this by providing education, case consultation, resources and this blog with enables connections with others. We are a committed group of physician volunteers who has each had challenging encounters with one or both of these agencies. We are intimately familiar with the inordinate stress these interactions can cause and want to help other physicians and their counsel negotiate their way through this very dangerous maze as successfully as possible.

We are greatly concerned about the potential for powerful abuses of their regulatory privileges by these agencies. We aim to be a voice confronting these abuses and protecting the rights of physicians to fair hearings, honest evaluations, reasonable treatment for legitimately diagnosed conditions and just handling of legitimately determined offenses.

Please visit us at: The Center for Physician Rights: https://www.PhysicianRights.net

DISCLAIMER: This site is strictly an opinion site. It is inherently biased. It is not intended to offer or replace medical evaluation and care nor legal advice or representation.

2 thoughts on “CPR”

  1. I know a bit of the background of what this site is about – perhaps more than a bit, and I offer my general endorsement. I qualify my endorsement as general because like other thinking people, I always reserve my right to think for myself, rarely endorsing anything categorically. This being said, the author of this site is on to something big and as well, something of great importance. It is sad that I must type such “hyperbole,” but we must realize that the government has declared war on the people and is busy placing a vice grip on our best and brightest – on our dissidents – on our innovators. To put the responsibility and the power back onto “us,” we are allowing the government and its gestapo (which we call “boards and commissions”) to rule us. We are no longer the elected and the electorate, but the rulers (literally, the rule* makers) and the ruled. Be you doctor, psychologist, baker, or hair-braider, small “appointed” groups of people are being backed with a blind eye by government to do as they please without oversight, and this includes the backing to destroy the lives of anyone who does not serve the interest of these appointed few.

    • Rule, as in Administrative Rules which generally carry the force of law. This is happening insidiously as you sleep. I recommend we wake up. My name is Christian Wolff. My fear is unfathomable, but my courage is greater. Come out. Show up. Stand up. With whatever power I personally may have, I will do my best to protect you.

    My great admiration goes out to the person with the energy and conviction and commitment to the betterment of humankind who has put this site together. Sisyphus, we hear your call, and we are on our way. Christian Wolff, http://www.intellectual-integrity.com

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