Violations of Due Process by NCPHP

The state auditor (NCOSA) issued its report on its more than year long performance audit of NCPHP and found a pattern of systematic violations of due process in its conduct of physician evaluations under the rubric of “peer review.” Further, the auditor noted that there was “the appearance of multiple conflicts of interest” in its referrals to select out-of-state evaluation and treatment programs.

Here is the audit on the NCOSA website: NC Office of the State Auditor

However, of even greater concern was the finding that no entity charged with NCPHP’s legal oversight was actively monitoring its abuses. Both the NCMB (Medical Board) and the NCMS (Medical Society) were specifically charged with overseeing NCPHP and holding it accountable for compliance with appropriate protocol and with state and federal law.


One thought on “Violations of Due Process by NCPHP

  1. mllangan1

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    Have been speaking with MA State Auditor Suzanne Bump’s office regarding the corrupt MA PHP, PHS inc. and the MA BORM Physician Health and Compliance Unit (essentially one and the same). Expect a forthcoming state audit of this group which will mirror the NC audit. Unlike the NC audit (which was able to hide abuse), the MA Audit will reveal definite and indefensible abuse

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