The Addiction Medicine Control Machine

In this post, Michael Langan MD explores the gestapo takeover of legitimate addiction treatment by a fake board-certified organization in order to steer costly, and unnecessary, treatment to its own members. What he also raises, as we have done in our correspondence with the APA, is name this for what it is – political abuse of psychiatry by a state agency.
Michael, I believe it would be very worthwhile to consider an ethics complaint to the MA Psychiatric Society and APA (if the PHS is indeed run by a card-carrying APA psychiatrist) or any other professional society to which PHS belongs. I also believe it would be worthwhile to file a complaint of unprofessional behavior with BORIM and compel them to take a stance on this. They ignore it at their own peril. I would send it to each member of the Board, in addition to the “customary” complaint process.

Disrupted Physician


In his 1969 novel The Wild Boys, William S. Burroughs writes “Under pretext of drug control suppressive police states have been set up throughout the Western world…. The police states maintain a democratic façade from behind which they denounce as criminals, perverts and drug addicts anyone who opposes the control machine.”

15 years earlier Dr. Ruth Fox formed the New York City Medical Society on Alcoholism. This organization subsequently became the American Medical Society on Alcoholism and eventually the American Society of Addiction Medicine.    The goal has always been to convince the medical establishment that 12-step recovery is the one and only treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction.

Unable to convince the medical establishment of this they decided that a better tactic would be to impose it on them.

And through propaganda, misinformation, lobbying, misleading public relations, and myriad other machinations used to promote a static ideology and suppress…

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State Mandated 12-step –Establishment Clause Violations Run Amok- (Anonymity and Moral Inventories Optional)

Another excellent post from Michael Langan MD. The fraud perpetrated on him by both the PHS and the Medical Board are nothing short of astounding. I’m led to believe that the A state auditor may conduct a similar comprehensive performance audit of the Physicians Health Services program there. As demonstrated in NC, there has been utterly no oversight or accountability of the PHP program there.

Disrupted Physician

V0011377 A quack doctor selling remedies from his caravan; satirizing

“The surest way to work up a crusade in favor of some good cause is to promise people they will have a chance of maltreating someone. To be able to destroy with good conscience, to be able to behave badly and call your bad behavior ‘righteous indignation’—this is the height of psychological luxury, the most delicious of moral treats.” Aldous Huxley -Chrome Yellow 1921

A letter of agreement with the BORM, drafted at the behest of Physicians Health Service Inc., and signed by me 1/20/12 under threat of loss of my medical license specifically mandates participation “in a minimum of three 12-step meetings per week” and submit proof to PHS, “develop an “active 12-step sponsor relationship with someone who is not a healthcare professional.”

These requirements were made because I requested an independent evaluation at a non-biased  non-12-step assessment center not affiliated with the ASAM.    The choices PHS gave me were all…

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