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MD Sues NC Medical Board/Physician Health Program-A Prototypical Case

A most relevant blog piece.

Disrupted Physician

A prototypical case involving PHP and Medical Board. PHPs’ integrity varies state by state depending on:

1. How entrenched the FSPHP is in the state PHP

2. Whether that state’s Medical Board has become a partner in PHP’s crimes.

It is very curious that states who have had a Medical Director who has also been President of the Federation of State Physician Health Programs seem to be the worst of the violators.

Based on over 200 responses I have received on my PHP survey [PHP Survey], North Carolina, Florida, Massachusetts and Washington State are physician career destroyers whereas West Virginia seems relatively unscathed (although I have learned that the FSPHP has been attempting to impose its “PHP-Bluprint” on the Board with some resistance.

What you see here is a classic case. Physicians and med schools urgently need to become aware and take a stance of resistance to…

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Request Medical School Administrators Question PHP Authority to Prevent Future Medical Profession Brain Drain

Another incisive piece by Michael Langan MD on the overreach of PHPs into med schools, essentially hijacking med students’ careers before they’ve even gotten their MD and fleecing them with sham diagnostic evals and out-of-state referrals to their “preferred” centers.

Disrupted Physician


Physician Health Programs (PHPs) now targeting medical students–More sheep for the slaughter

The attached article entitled “Medical school drug testing is a moral and scientific failure” opposes testing medical students for drugs and alcohol but things are going to get a whole lot worse.

In the past six-months I have been contacted by an increasing number of  medical students searching for help after being  trapped in quagmire of their state physician health program  (PHP).   Each of them had either been referred to a “PHP-approved” assessment center or had already had an evaluation recommending inpatient treatment.

Some of these students were subjected to non-FDA approved laboratory developed tests including hair testing for marijuana metabolites and the  alcohol  biomarker EtG.  These typeof tests can detect substances that were used days, weeks and even months prior to testing.

Medical students and physicians are just as likely to have experimented with illicit substances in their lifetimes as…

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400 Doctors are Killing Themselves Every Year: The Role of Licensure Complaints in Doctor Suicide

Here’s an incredibly incisive piece about medical licensing board complaints and the adverse psychological sequelae.

Matt Freeman DNP, MPH

“Doug” looked happy to be in a white coat. He was energetic, intrigued, and looked genuinely happy to be working with me. Doug was medical student, assigned to me just for a few evenings at a free clinic. Like me, he spoke Spanish, and liked the opportunity to put his language skills to work.

Doug was ahead of the game. He was quick to formulate a provisional diagnosis and plan. One patient had come in for a follow up on her high blood pressure. I would often ask questions like “so what crosses your mind in a hypertension follow-up visit?” Most students would volunteer thoughtful suggestions like, “Make certain that she hasn’t run out of pills.” Doug was thinking ahead: “See if she has signs of heart failure.” That was worth an “A+” in my experience teaching first- and second-year students.

Doug went on to residency…

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