Guest Post: “The Perilous Physician Licensing Landscape” by Kernan Manion, MD

Disrupted Physician


Over the years, many have visited Michael’s audacious blog as he’s dared open eyes about concealed abuse by medical boards, physician health programs and hospital-based peer review committees. 

Through shared experience, Michael and I have been studying these issues for nearly a decade. We are amongst a handful of physicians nationally who get the big picture and know the career-threatening challenges one faces in responding to and interacting with medical licensing boards, PHPs and related entities.

In fact, we’ve been founding members of a study group loosely referred to as the Coalition for Physician Advocacy (which I’ve cross linked to from here on occasion). Amongst the members of that think tank are a major writer-advocate of PHP reform; an MD JD whose focus is on disability law, mental health issues and litigation stress; a former vice chair of psychiatry at a well-recognized academic center; and an established addictions psychiatrist…

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executive coach, organizational consultant, speaker, writer, board-certified psychiatrist, change activist.

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