Manion v. NCMB, NCPHP et al.

Here are select public documents pertaining to my litigation against the North Carolina Medical Board (NCMB), the North Carolina Physicians Health Program (NCPHP) and additional parties (fourteen defendants in all).

This first list pertains to the original complaint filed in Federal District Court in North Carolina. Included are my original complaint, the briefs related to the motion to dismiss and Judge Boyle’s ruling.

Federal District Court – North Carolina:

2 – Manion v NCMB Complaint (rev)

41 – NCMB Motion to Dismiss

42 – Memo in Support of NCMB MTD

43 – NCMS Motion to Dismiss

44 – Memo in Support of NCMS MTD

45 – NCPHP Motion to Dismiss (annot)

46 – Memo in Support of NCPHP MTD (annot)

49 – Manion Response in Opp to NCMB MTD

50 – Manion Memo in Support of Opp to NCMB MTD

51 – Manion Response in Opp to NCPHP MTD

52 – Manion Memo in Support of Opp to NCPHP MTD

52-1 – Manion Exhibit A – NC Aud Rpt – re 52-Manion Memo Opp MTD_PHP

53 – Manion Memo in Support of Opp to NCMS MTD

55 – NCPHP Reply

56 – NCMS Reply (annot)

57 – NCMB reply (annot)

66 – Judge Boyle Dismissal Ruling


Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals

This second list pertains to my Pro Se appeal and includes my Pro Se “Informal Brief,” the  Defendants’ combined response and my reply. Also included is what might best be described as an informal motion seeking an amended corporate disclosure by all Defendants.

14 – Manion Pro Se Appeal – Inf Brief case# 16-2075

16 – NCMB et al. combined Informal Response Brief

18 – Manion Reply to Combined Def Response

19 – Manion Request for Amended Disclosure of Corporate Affiliations