Professional Life & Licensing Matters (PLLM) Coaching Program

This program is specifically designed for physicians and other healthcare providers exploring issues pertaining to any of multiple critical issues: occupational stress & burnout; career transition or re-design; need for recommendations for obtaining confidential independent preliminary mental illness or substance abuse assessment and treatment; responding to allegation of “disruptive behavior” or label of “disruptive physician; sham peer review; and administrative / regulatory licensing issues (e.g. disciplinary matters pertaining to licensing boards, Physician Health Programs and various QA and Peer Review activities et al.).

All coaching services are strictly confidential between coach and client and any other designated party and are provided only on a pre-scheduled, pre-paid basis.

Individual coaching services may be provided in person or by audio (+/- video) teleconference. 

Services offered include:

  • detailed case consultation and feedback; 
  • tailored coaching sessions providing immediate action steps of crucial importance; 
  • “rapid onboarding” (i.e. urgent education) regarding overall administrative legal landscape
  • “degree of risk” assessment
  • multi-point perspective
  • exploration of potential strategies and caveats;
  • psychological support; 
  • conjoint consultation with selected experts (e.g. laboratory testing; psychiatric assessment; peer review; malpractice stress; whistleblowing et al.)
  • document review
  • issues / case staging triage;
  • informational webinars; 
  • and relevant educational resources. 

Offered services may also be able to provide facilitated referral to selected independent medical and legal resources.

Due to the time-intensive and critical nature of these matters, they often require priority attention both on- and off-line. Consequently, time being finite and as some clients’ needs do require program extension, only a limited number of these program registrations is available at any given time. In all cases, priority scheduling is afforded to clients registered in a program.

PLLM Initial Coaching Package – Services Included:

  • Consultation (up to 90 min)
  • Individual sessions (up to 45 min)
  • Document Review 
  • Correspondence Structuring
  • Strategy Planning
  • Conjoint meetings With Select Others

Sessions may be scheduled as frequently as needed, even utilizing the consultation and all sessions within a single month period if desired. Additionally, document review credits are able to be used as desired over the 3 month period.

Individual services are also available on an “a la carte” menu.  The services are only available on a pre-scheduled, pre-paid basis. 

To learn more and set up a free confidential “curbside consult,” write me at